Diving with Diabetes Type 1
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Andy Bates Diabetic Scuba Diver Andy Bates Diabetic Scuba Diver

Andy Bates - Type 1 Diabetic

My name is Andy Bates and I have been scuba diving since going travelling in South-East Asia in 2006.

During this trip I discovered the wonderful world that is below the water and fell in love instantly. Since then I was finding every opportunity to go and dive. I was nicely visiting various places from Yongala Australia to dolphins in Egypt.

After finishing a trip in Easter Egypt in 2010 I did not feel too bad about getting on the plane whilst logging my 99th dive. If only I knew that this could have been my last dive I might just have changed the flights to do the 100th. I returned home and was then confirmed as having type 1; childhood diabetes (Not good news at 34, I knew I felt young in the mind...).

Within two hours of diagnosis I was injecting myself with my first shot of insulin. Listening carefully to the advice from the expert (Jill at Chase, fantastic!). "You will learn to deal with it and you are perfectly able to live a normal healthy life, you just need to look after yourself better...". I asked the question, silence. I took that to mean the inevitable. My love of diving might be coming to an end!

Not content with this I started searching the internet and post after post, Type 1, no chance! Type 2, maybe! (However first point did jump to my mind, there is no diabetic website out there!). It appeared over time that the message from PADI etc was confusing at best. It turns out that Type 1's can dive after all. They just need to wait a year, get signed off by a very kind dive doctor and adjust the way they dive.

Life back on track and a motivation indeed to sort myself out. Better diet, better exercise (Some!) & better drinking habits = Diving again. Ten months since diagnosis I had been signed off (Yes 2 months early!) and three days later I was on a plane with my wife to Egypt again... Result!

So what do you need to do to get signed off and what do you need to do when diving. This is the reason this site exists!

NB. I am not a doctor and do not have any medical qualifications. I am also not a dive professional. I am just merely sharing my experience to aid others. As a result I cannot be held accountable for the individual actions that people do as a result for reading this content. Professional guidance is a must in any situation involving diving as it is and still remains a dangerous sport if you do not follow correct guidance.

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